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As an industry pioneer and market leader, Point-X is continuously developing new technologies and best practices to help customers optimize location intelligence decisions. We help organizations of all sizes maximize ROI of new or existing business locations. Our team's experience includes working with Fortune 1000 companies, medium-sized businesses, government agencies and other organizations.


For example, our team's experience includes the following:

  • Creating and implementing the expansion strategy for Raiffeisen, a large Swiss retail bank. The 70 branch locations selected, represent 7% of the banks branch network. 5 years later those 70 locations achieve one third of the entire company growth every year.
  • Ownership of a performance mangement solution, providing technology to Nordstrom. The company was sold to an Asian company.
  • Restructured Canadian Turbo with 4500 retail locations which was then sold to Shell.
  • Evaluating new store locations for a US retail company, where the proposed 20 locations each have twice as many potential clients within reach then the companies previously opened locations.
  • Development of a joint venture with Mitsubishi using their artificial intelligence technology (AI), a java-based agent architecture.
  • Development and integration of a classified location intelligence solution for the Swiss Army as well as development of several GIS and database solutions for various Swiss government agencies.
  • Successfully picking and evaluating new locations for the expansion strategies of European insurance companies, international private banking institutions and wealth management groups.
  • Formation of a joint venture with Lucky Stores to create an in-store fast food chain.
  • For a US retail company we successfully analyzed and evaluated the location quality of over 200 potential acquisition targets as well as several hundred competitor locations to define the longterm M&A as well as expansion strategy.




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